Virtual-scroll uncertainty

Congratulations on reaching Ionic 6 beta.

Seems straightforward for Angular users other than the cloud of uncertainty on the ion-virtual-scroll replacement.

This github issue seems more a poll of “who wants virtual scrolling in Ionic?” rather than a serious design question. Of course we will want all the Ionic scrolling features, with the improved performance of virtualization, essential in the mobile environment.

I wouldn’t have put up a deprecation notice until an alternative was in place. Now we think “Ionic hates this issue and wants to get away from this annoying feature but maybe if enough people complain we’ll do it.” Please. Scrolling a list of media-rich items performantly is table stakes on this framework category.

I will need support for the maligned ion-virtual-scroll until a credible alternative is presented. I suggest yanking the deprecation notice until then. It’s credibility-reducing to see it in the console every time I run the app. Thanks!

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