Is ionic-virtual-scroll only for Angular

Is ionic-virtual-scroll only for Angular? I see only Angular examples in the docs but it does not mention it is only for Angular.

Yes. And in the upcoming v6 release, this is in the release notes:

In Framework v6, the ion-virtual-scroll component has been deprecated in favor of using framework-specific solutions. Given the complex nature of virtual scrolling and that there are already many great 3rd party solutions, we felt it was better to use those solutions instead. Additionally, ion-virtual-scroll was only ever available for Ionic Angular users, which limited the usefulness of the component in Ionic React and Ionic Vue.

In Framework v6 we will be releasing virtual scroll guides for Angular, React, and Vue users.

See ion-virtual-scroll | Angular Virtual Scroll List for Ionic Apps | Ionic Documentation for a migration guide. ion-virtual-scroll will be removed in Framework v7, and developers do not need to migrate off this component to upgrade to Framework v6.

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