Vimeo sorry this video does not exist

I am using ionic mobile app vimeo url into iframe video is playing.but browser automatically open and saying the error
"vimeo sorry this video does not exist"
we need avoid browser open in app
redirect link is :{“event”:“ready”}

How can i fix?`


As per the discussion we had externally. You had some code which was handling js event 'message’
which was altering your iframe urls during runtime.

Remove the code which was creating your issue or restrict the code by validating the urls

Below is the reference to the code that you have

         * Since ios safari doesnt't allow direct downloads from webview. So we
         * are posting the download url from the iframe using window.postMessage
         * That message is recieved and handled here
         * In android it opens in a new window and is downaloaded automatically
         * In ios it is opened in system browser, the user can download it from
         * there by long press and clicking save
        window.addEventListener('message', function (event) {
            $log.log("event triggered from iframe cached ", event);
            var downloadUrl = event.origin + "/cometchat-dev/" +;
            if (device.platform === "Android") {


            if (device.platform === "iOS") {

                downloadUrl = downloadUrl + encodeURIComponent("&type=ios");
      , "_system", {closebuttoncaption: "Close"});