Problem with iFrame

In my project im using iFrame to play videos using vimeo video url. When i scroll to that iframe section in the app , it asks to open that video in browser in phone with alert. Like this

“Complete action using Google chrome, Opera mini”

I dont want this. I want to block this alert.

Find out what is causing it. Vimeo? iFrame usage in general?

Video is playing fine in iFrame. But my app asks to open it in browser. when i click the browser, it showing the message “sorry this video does not exist”. BUt when i come back to my app, video is playing fine with that vimeo video url. I want to block that alert that alert which asks to open broswser.

Not what I asked. Before “blocking” anything, we have to know what is causing it. Does the same thing happen with Youtube? Is there code in Vimeo that is triggering this?

I cant find which is causing this. Because i didn’t get any error messages in console while inspecting the app. Anything issue with $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(url) ?