View state in tab

Hi, just started to trying out Ionic.
I’m trying to set up application with 2 tabs, of which one will be leaflet.js map. So I have set up my mapController where I initialize leaflet map object.

The problem is that when I switch tabs, all map settings (zoom, position, etc.) get lost. As I can see, this is becuase everytime I switch back to map tab, controller creates new map instance with default settings.

As I see, same behaviour is also in demo:
If you scroll to task 24, then switch tabs, view will be reset to top.

So, the question is: how can I maintain view state while switching tabs (like when switching tabs in web browser)? Should I use some other component?

Just note that that codepen is a bit out of date,

If you are using beta 13, ionic should maintain everything properly.
Can you provide an example codepen?