View not updating in Ionic View app (fine on desktop browser)(solved)

In one controller I have a $broadcast event that broadcasts a newly-created object. This $broadcast is picked up in another controller, pushed to its current array of objects, updating the view with this new object at the same time.

On the desktop browser this functionality works as intended. When I test it out in Ionic View app, the view is not updated. I’ve put an alert() on the $on listener. The alert gets called on the desktop, not in the Ionic View app.

The functionality also works as intended on the iOS Simulator in Xcode.

Is this an issue with Ionic View, or do I need to somehow refactor my code?

In trying to debug this issue, I’ve placed alert()s all over the place in my app. They all get called on desktop browser and iOS simulator in Xcode. Not a single alert() gets called in Ionic View app.

Is this functionality intentional or is it my setup?

Found the issue. In config.xml the first line was missing - obviously throwing off the whole app in Ionic View:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

Now everything is working as intended.