How to add video or audio call in ionic?

hey guys. any suggestion with my question ?

You can try phoneRTC or third party service like cometChat

i have a little problem with phoneRTC, did you try it ?

No, but what problem you are having?

how to start with, although I have not yet read the documentation

Then i would suggest you to read documentation and there are online tutorials and videos out there.
Find it and learn from it.If you get any problem, then you can contact again

thanks, what did you think about peerjs?

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Yeah, that’s better too.
you can use peerjs.

This is the link for video chat tutorial using perrjs in angular 2

I still have the implementation of these two functionality, which is why I ask before I get started.

but with Ionic2, i’ll need to add Croswalk plugin ?

That depends on you, whether you want to include it or not in your project.

Can i you webrtc without crasswalk?