Video capture plus download returns 404 error

I’m using ionic with cordova, and angular. I want to be able to film video with my app, so I looked to VideoCapturePlus because it looked easy to use. However, when I entered the command “npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/video-capture-plus”, it returned a 404 error. This was consistent with entering the associated URL into a browser—returned a 404 error.

I am wondering if this resource just isn’t published, or if it’s an npm problem. I also wonder if I need to enter another command.

If anyone knows another good video recording tool to use in ionic with angular, I would welcome that too.

Hopefully somebody will come along soon with some recommendations for alternatives because all I have to offer you is an explanation for why you’re seeing what you’re seeing - according to this commit - video-capture-plus was dropped as “broken”.