Unwanted tags appearing in Android Manifest

I am tring to serve my Ionic app on an Android emulator. However, each time I do it comes up with the following error:

AAPT: error: unexpected element found in .

The provider indicated is this:

As you can see, this provider tag is related to Video Capture Plus. I’ve had problems with it in the past, for one being that it couldn’t be downloaded Video capture plus download returns 404 error.

However, something in the way that I set up Video Capture Plus before I knew it couldn’t be used made it so the app thinks it needs it. I searched the project and file system for all instances of videocaptureplus and deleted a lot of things. However, when I run “ionic cordova run android -l”, it still populates the Android Manifest with the provider tag.

Any ideas of what else I need to get rid of in order to run my app?

I can post the rest of the error stack as needed.