Video calling application in Capacitor


I’m sorry if this is somewhat a repeat, but I cannot find a recent post on this, and none relating to capacitor.

I want to create a video calling application which will run across the browser, iOS, and Android. I was intending on using capacitor to do this to avoid having multiple codebases.

There are a lot of video streaming APIs, Twilio, Vonage (formerly openTok). But there documentation does not mention ionic / capacitor support.

Does anybody know if there is a service that has full ionic support for video calling?

And if so, have you had success using it?

Thanks in advance!

None that i have seen, but I have used Jitsi before. They have cordova plugin not capacitor. Theres a lot of configuration that needs to be done.


I am personally using Twilio WebRtc Video and it works properly so far in my experience, so you can try that. I used NPM package twilio-video.

Good luck!