One to one video calling in ionic 4

Hi all, I am currently developing a mobile application with ionic and I would like to add a video call feature.
I did research and there are solutions such as WebRTC, PhoneRTC Twilio…
but I cannot find any tutorial or way to implement them.
can anyone help me with a link or any other tutorial or plugin on how to add video calls in ionic 3
Thank you for your answers.

You create you own service

inside ionic 4 , Capacitor plugins , you have access to user camera

all you need to do is to first get the camera data , that is in your situation a stream of data

then pass it to other user

use Observable object

try to subscribe to that object and show that incoming stream to the other user

to do this you need backend, I prefer nodeJs with NestJs framework, to make stable connection between two users (or any of them)

the backend will make sure users are connected and data start point and end point is true and available

another thing you need is database, I prefer mongoDB for it’s awesome and fast responses

Video is nothing more than a stream of images

so , it’s not that much hard to create video call application


Any documentation for
Twilio’s APIs ?

Check out this link

did you implement it ?
please share your code
thank you

hii are you add twillio video calling ??

No twillio doesnot provide any support for ionic

what are you used for video calling ?

Open tok

hi now i’m also facing the same problem. can anyone help me??

Thanks for describing. The best description for the issue I’m facing.
Any plugin that can generate video stream using Ionic (Angular).

Currently I’m using navigator.mediadevice - which is HTML feature suppoed by browsers.
But that is not allowing to zoom video at the time of stream.

Any Idea about the camera plugin that can capture video with all camera feature support and generate video streams?

Thanks a lot!!