Vertical Swiper Slides in 9.0

Hey, there. Has anyone tried building out vertical slides for an Ionic Angular app using Swiper 9.0? I’m having a heckuva time trying to identify what my issues are. I am able to get the slides to work horizontally following this guide:

But just adding [direction]=“vertical” as a parameter didn’t actually make the slides vertical until I added

public slideOpts: any = {
    direction: 'vertical'

to the class in the .ts file and used that instead ([direction]=“slideOpts”).

Unfortunately, while that did make the slides vertical, it also broke them. Every slide except for my first slide is invisible (it also begins on the last slide, not the first one). I thought it might have to do with my slider-container’s height, but I’ve tried 100%, auto, 1000px, etc, etc and nothing is fixing the problem. See images below (and I don’t have any other height properties set that could be mucking it up)

Any insight/advice?

Vertical direction works in swiper

Detailed demo at
///Ionic 6 Angular Swiper JS with Autoplay, Effects, Scrolls, Navigation and more - YouTube