Vertical scrolling and horizontal sliding (using ion-slide-box) don't work well together


I have a bunch of cards that the user can slide left and right, but some of the cards are quite long that the user would need to vertically scroll to see everything. But it’s really difficult to scroll vertically. I think what happens is that when I try to scroll, it thinks I am trying to slide, so there is a conflict. Initially I was wondering if this is a matter of design decision in my app, but I have seen several other apps that are able to have both sliding and scrolling work together fine.

Btw, it works fine on Chrome–I can slide or scroll, no problem. But on my Nexus 5 is where it’s problematic. If I use two fingers I can scroll easily, if not it doesn’t want to vertical scroll (It does scroll, but with some difficulty)

I tried the solutions found in other similar issues like this one, but that doesn’t help:

Please advise.

Slidebox Refactor landed in nightly with huge API changes

Which version of ionic are you using?


This is a problem with the old slidebox code and Android 4.4.4. An issue was opened and closed, this particular issue is fixed in the nightlies. But beware, there are significant API changes and it will force a refactor.