Vertical ion-range in ionic, how to?

I can rotate the slider using css transform: rotate(270deg); but dragging still is on the horizontal plane

Any ideas?

Same problem was thinking of custom component. Any ideas?

Same problem… trying to use a standard input type=range in the meanwhile but I still have to figure out the right method to access the controller’s scope from the onchange event handler.

Exactly the same problem in ionic2 RC1… Have you found a solution or alternative ?

any ideas about this ?

Does anyone have a solution for this yet?

Yeah, I would love a solution for this. Anybody had any luck making this work?

well guys, same here :slight_smile:

Seriously, a vertical range/slider seems like just such a basic thing to have. But turns out, it’s a freaking hell to get this into an Ionic App. It would be just so nice to just have a option in to swap to vertical mode.
Does anyone have a nice and customizable workaround? Perhaps a good angular directive. I’ve tried a few already but none of them is really easy to costomize so that it has the look and feel of the rest of the app.