Vertical flexbox

hi there,
I want to use flexbox in vertical mode to have 3 boxes in full height, in browser it works but in android apk it does not work !!!


android :

in android it does not have full height :((
what should i do?
thank you.

Maybe it depends on the version of Android which comes with different version of browser that may not support flexbox the same way.

One way to work aorund these differences is to use Crosswalk, this way you have only one version of browser (and a recent one) to support whatever the version of Anrdoid it runs on.

At least you could try to validate this hypothesis.

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@gmarziou thank you :wink:

and in an ionic app, if you wrap things in ion-content --> your app stuff is in an own scroll container… that does not fit the full content/viewport height.