Validation maxlength=n and only number( [0-9]{11})?


I am trying to validate citizenship number.
When I use type=“number” that allows dots and commas. Also I cant limit input size as 11-digits. I want my input allows ONLY numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) and limits input length.

I tried code below;
<ion-input id="tcknInput" maxlength="11" pattern="[0-9]{11}" required [(ngModel)]="tckn" placeholder="{{'occ.login.CitizenShipNumber' | translate}}" type="text" (ionChange)="tcknOnInputChange()" ></ion-input>

        $("#tcknInput").keyup(function() {


–> The maxlength attribute is not supported by the number type input
–> my solution is put input type as a “tel”, Because maxlength work with input type as a text & tel

<ion-input type=“tel” maxlength=“10” clearInput [(ngModel)]=“userPhone”>


okey you are right. AIso I dont want dot and comma on keyboard


When you use type=“tel” “.(dot)” “,(comma)” not showing on keyboard in ios but not in android
for android, my solution display the Error message using ngModelCahnge check with a pattern