Numeric Keyboard


I am using the input type tel to trigger the numeric keyboard on android and ios like described here. Now the min and max validations do not work anymore (I used input type number before). Do I have to write a custom directive for min and max validations? Has someone a simpler solution or already done that?

That is because it’s not supported in the HTML input type spec.

Min/Max values are only support with numbers.

If you want to do min/max values with tel, you’ll need to do your own validation.

Hello )
I need use input with large keyboard, like type=tel but without ‘+*#’ and with dot '.'
Is it possible with ionic ?

Same question here. We need a large numeric keyboard without the “+*#” but with dot.

same here. using tel at the moment. What we need is just a simple number pad where you can enter numbers and delete them.

Same here. I have a money textbox so I want to pre-populate the textbox like for example “8.50”. I can’t use type number because then it bombs “Expected 8.50 to be a number”. So I must use type tel, but everytime someone wants to insert a decimal, they must first click on Sym to access the decimal point…

Do we have a solution for this yet. I have the same requirement as well.

Hi !

For all of you guys you can use digital keyboard plugins for Ionic like this one:

i am using number type in ion-input but numeric keyboard is popping up