V4 goBack to calling page

Before I began to pass params and build thing, how is it possible in v4 to goBack() without knowing what was the previous page?

Let’s say I’ve got pages A and B, both could go to C, how do I know with a goBack() in C if I should go back to A or B?

An here I mean in the angular code, not the back button

In v3, .pop() took care of that. So like I said, before I began to user providers and build custom code, is there a solution for this inside the framework?

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In ordinary Angular router apps, what I do is to inject Location and call its back() method. Might that work?

import { Location } from '@angular/common';

goBack() {

It will navigate backward one step in the browser’s history stack using the Location service that you injected previously.

or through navcontroller


Location.back() is the solution, furthermore could confirm that it looks like the animation is the same as a navCtrl.goBack()

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yes with same animation

I just discovered that location.back() use in one my pages end up generating a loop in Safari

Page 1 -> Go Forward -> Page 2 -> location.back -> Page 1 do an automatic go forward -> Page 2 again

So just for the record, if you use location.back() test the behavior on Safari :wink:

To overcome this I gonna pass in my provider the route I want to execute on back


hey I also facing the automatic go forward on page 2 issue.

can you please explain in detail how to overcome it? I actually didn’t get you