Ion-back-button showing wrong page

RouterDirection: Forward page is not staying in navigation stack. Lets imagine the scenario I am on page A which is root page. From page A I went to page B and from page B I went to page C. Now if I am clicking on ion-back-button from page C it should navigate back to page B whereas it’s navigating properly i.e: it’s changing url properly which is of page B but showing the content of root page A.

I even tried location.back() and defaultHref but it’s not working.

Video link to understand the problem easily is:

This is a very basic feature which Ionic can’t miss out. So it might be somewhere I am doing something wrong. My current version is Ionic 5. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

The likely hood of someone watching the video is next to none. Post your navigation related code and you’ll get some help sooner than never