Using Tabs And Slide Menu Together on Latest Beta (14)


I was looking for examples of ionic apps which uses tabs and slide menu both. Yes i came across few examples but most of them are outdated and not working with latest beta.

For example this one:
It’s working with 14 beta but there is a problem. My customer doesn’t want sliding bottom tabs.

And this one is working great with 0.9.26 but not 14:

I am pretty curios why the second example doesn’t work with beta 14 ?

here is the link of broken version some icons and animations are missing:

Any ideas might help. Please feel free to advice.

Its not really advised to do this, as each component, tabs and sidemenus treat navigation differently.
They’re both really meant to be two separate UI structures and not combined together

could you please elaborate on your answer?
are you saying that it is not advised to have both tabs as well as as side menus?
what is advised? to have only tabs and no side menus?

i have been running into the same issues. i do have a case where i would like to have
both bottom tabs as well as a side menu.

thanks in advance.

Since tabs and side-menus are now very tied to history, talked about here, its no longer suggested to combine to two.

What is advised is to use one or the other, but not both.