Combining tabs with slide menu


I have an app that has 2 menus: a slide menu at the left side and tabs at the bottom.
So you end up with something like:

The tabs can be seen as shortcuts to the most important items. They should be visible at all time, but I should be able to show other content items (from the side menu).

The main structure of my app is:
Side menu (ion-side-menus) with a content nav view -> content nav view filled with tabs (ion-tabs) -> content displayed in one of the nav views related to the tabs.

This works very nice for the tabs, but if I want to display anything from the side-menu inside the content area, I have to assign it to a nav view of one of the tabs. This works, but makes the tab active, although what I’m displaying isn’t related to any tab.

I could replace the entire content area+tabs with my content, only problem is that the tabs should be visible at all time…

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Kind regards

Hi, I’m just learning Iconic but did find an example which uses both tabs and slide/hamburger menu. But is does seem to have the issue you describe where choosing from the slide menu causes one of the tabs to become active.

I cannot find the link to the codepan now, but I have it working on my Mac - I can post the files here if you like to look at it. It’s the one that lists scientific facts in case you already know it?

i am also stuck with same problem. there are few outdated examples but it seems ionic team think it’s not that important. i am also a little bit confused, we are very limited with what they have done so far. even i had success on my project what if they change something with new versions ?