Pages / views within a tabbed view

i need multiple pages within a tab, that you can navigate back and forth, does anyone know if this is possible with ionic 2, there’s minimal documentation on ion-views /viewControllers

You can do this. Each tab has its on view stack so using navPush and navPop should work on the pages of each tab independently.

For example, if you have three tabs and you call navPush on tab 1, it will change pages. If you go to tab 2, it will still be on its original page, and if you go back to tab1, it should still be on its second page since its view stack is independent.

If I am not mistaken, the sample tab project for Ionic 2, the chat heads application, should have an example of it on the second tab.



<button [navPush]="Page">View Details</button>
<button [navPush]="Page" [navParams]="object">View Details While Passing Data</button>
<button nav-pop>Go back</button>
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