Ionic + Google oauth webview not supported



I was trying to integrate google oauth webview in my app…
I found that Google does not support login through in app browser anymore…
My app was completely based on google login…



Google authentication have new version, this is a example:

    <html lang="en">
        <meta name="google-signin-scope" content="profile email">
        <meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="">
        <script src="" async defer></script>
        <div class="g-signin2" data-onsuccess="onSignIn" data-theme="dark"></div>
          function onSignIn(googleUser) {
            // Useful data for your client-side scripts:
            var profile = googleUser.getBasicProfile();
            console.log("ID: " + profile.getId()); // Don't send this directly to your server!
            console.log('Full Name: ' + profile.getName());
            console.log('Given Name: ' + profile.getGivenName());
            console.log('Family Name: ' + profile.getFamilyName());
            console.log("Image URL: " + profile.getImageUrl());
            console.log("Email: " + profile.getEmail());

            // The ID token you need to pass to your backend:
            var id_token = googleUser.getAuthResponse().id_token;
            console.log("ID Token: " + id_token);

New version of Google Identity OAuth2



I am new to ionic, so pardon me if I am asking the wrong question…

When working with ionic the google auth is handled with the help of IN APP BROWSER right?
I was using in app browser event to fire when I get a successful response token…

My question is can the answer given by you be handled without an in-app browser?