Using multiple routes to render the same component

Hello, I’m using Ionic 4 with React and am trying to use the IonRouterOutlet with multiples routes to render the same Component. In that Component I just want to update some DOM according to the current route and nothing else. Currently when I change the route, it shows the page transition from and to the same component, which I do not want for this use case only. I even tried to add “animated={false}” to the IonRouterOutlet, it stops the animation but there is a white flash frame while changing the route.

I tried using multiples Route with a different path and the same component like this:

<Route path="/declaration" exact component="Declaration" />
<Route path="/declaration/step" component="Declaration" />

Or a single routes with an array of paths like this:

<Route path={["/declaration", "/declaration/step"]} component="Declaration" />

Thanks in advance for your help!