Using ionic as web app , browser back button closes app/website

I am using ionic 2 app as a web app , and everything works very well.
But , on browser back button event website/app is getting closed.

Any solution ?

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Is this what you need?

Set to yes to use the hardware back button to navigate backwards through the InAppBrowser’s history. If there is no previous page, the InAppBrowser will close. The default value is yes, so you must set it to no if you want the back button to simply close the InAppBrowser.

See the doc:

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No ! I am not talking about InAppBrowser. I am talking about using ionic app as a full fledged website in desktop browsers(progressive web app).

Anyways, I used Ionic deeplinks , which solved the issue. Ionic deeplinks will add routes like normal angular 2 app.


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Can you show one example of deeplinks that how did you manage with the same because when I tried with deeplinks it creates url properly but when I reload the page it pop to home page automatically.