How can i prevent InAppBrowser's window close if press hardware back button?

Anyone solve this??

I opens on my app inappbrowser’s but i only want this window closes if you presh in a button, not in the hardware back button.

How can avoid this? In iOS it’s easy because that button doesn’t exist.


One of the options is for the hardware back button, could you simply use that to disable it?

This button prevents to back in the window history, but if you press hardware back button with this optiom activated the window hides. I want to send the application to background if you press back

When we press hardware back button, the inappbrowser’s window will be closed actually. This can be verified by listening to the ‘exit’ event. To overcome this issue, the only possible solution is to reload the same url in inappbrowser again. But don’t forget to reload the url only after a delay of minimum 500ms.
Otherwise the inappbrowser wont be visible.