Using Ionic-4 webcomponents in Aurelia framework

Hi everyone,

When I saw that Ionic is moving to webcomponents I was very happy because ionic components looks very polished and rich so I decided to create PWA with Aurelia Framework which supports webcomponents and just found someone telling that I need to add <script src=“”></script> to make it work and partially it works, but for example in ion-card ion-image doesnt work… Do you have any tutorial or ducumentantation on how to use Ionic with other frameworks ?

You probably have to include the css too

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

Just in case I wrote a tutorial about how to include Ionic anywhere

Or if you would like to bundle Ionic using Webpack instead of <script/> I do it in DeckDeckGo, you could have a look in its starter kit

Thanks, it worked. I needed to add styles!

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