Using google cloud vision api?


Hi there , i just started using ionic 2 .I am currently doing a project that would need to use google cloud vision API Text detection to detect text from an image.However i am not so sure how do i implement it? I could not find any guides that deal with this particular API hence i am confused about it. Attached is the link . I am using typescript and angular2 . I tried to implement the node.js codes from the site however it does not work .Apparently i need to import something however i am not so sure.Any help or guides would be greatly appreciated as i just started not long ago and had alot to learn


Need help for the above question…please anyone knows how to do it in ionic 2 and angular 2?


how to implement ocr in ionic 2 and angular 2 with help of google vision api?


Check out, an Ionic3 app that uses Google Cloud Vision. You’ll have to add TEXT_DETECTION to the features array in /src/providers/google-cloud-vision-service/google-cloud-vision-service.ts (currently it only uses LABEL_DETECTION)