How to implement Google Cloud vision API OCR in ionic3 to extract text from image


I’m trying to implement Google Cloud Vision OCR in Ionic 3 to identify text in an uploaded image?

I found a github repo to identify text from image and tried this project with ionic3.

It uploads images and text gets extracted from the image and tells whether the given keywords are present or not. The following code is not working while capturing the image and identifying the text from the image and show highlighted text from identified text.

cloned and tried by ionic serve gives a error access-config file not found which has Google could vision api in it.

I created an access-config file and put Google vision api as access-config.ts

export constant access-config{

but failed capturing the image and get text from the image.

Hi krishna12 don’t worry I am here to help you,
follow this project for your help

Thanks for the help ,but I want above github repo code to get worked .
actually What I want is
step 1 : take some keyworks as allergens as an example and save it
step 2 : scan with ocr to get text from the image.
step 3: whenever it is scanned, it should identify those texts and tells us whether they are there or not,which we have saved in first step.
step 4: It should highlight the text extracted from the image.

which my requirement is there is above github repo

I have native mobile app which cover your these requirements, exactly. are you interested in native? then you should make your own repo for ionic

Great Bro can you give working piece of it.
I’ll do that .
Thank you.

Yes I’m Interested .

Helping others I feel well, find it below

Thanks bro ,
But as I Mentioned

I explain a case scenario
There will lot of chemical present in Shampoo 's like sulphate , ammonium sulphate etc which are very dangerous.
So,In an application we have save those chemicals names as our preference to avoid them when scanned them OCR.
1.)Save those chemical names in your application .
2) Scanned with OCR and it should identify those chemicals and tells us to avoid if those .Like
Allergens are present or safe
3.)After text has been extracted it should highlight those chemicals.