Using Crosswalk along with ionic App for better performance results with Android


Crosswalk combines a powerful resource for apps which are going to be deployed for Android OS version prior to Kitkat 4.4.

Best way to implement it is present at link

You can still automate the process using few lines of shell commands using shelljs at your hooks directory of your project.

N.B :- Please replace crosswalk library files to Crosswalk stable build
for better results.


While I 100% agree with you, you might want to change the tag to tutorial instead of ionic for searchability/semantic purpose


So crosswalk is something we’re 100% behind and want to integrate into our CLI. We’re hoping to get something together for this with @jbavari working on our CLI.



As Mike stated, we are 100% behind it.

I am currently working on getting the cross walk browser integrated as a plugin, so we can integrate with the crosswalk built browser or others in the future in a way that supports all users choices for the browser they wish to package.

Hang tight guys. It’s coming.


@WidawskiJ Sure, changed the tag to tutorial.

Thank you.


@ionicteam Eagerly waiting for the crosswalk plugin, it will be a performance booster for Android build for sure.

Guyz you’re doing great work, keep going ahead.

Please do let me know if I can contribute.

Thank you.