Using Content methods like content.resize() in the tabs page

I’m having trouble with the keyboard closing without recalculating the view (I get an empty space where the keyboard used to be and the tabs are above that). Normally I would use content.resize() but it’s not available in the tabs page. Any suggestions?

I think you could start by trying this…

<preference name="KeyboardResize" value="false" />

reference here:

If that doesn’t work, you might be able to mess with the resize modes:

Thanks Chris. Unfortunately I need the keyboardResize to be true most of the time. I found a solution to the problem however. The issue occurs when I navigate to another page while the keyboard was still visible so I closed the keyboard manually and put a timeout of 200ms before changing the page. Now it has enough time to recalculate the view before pushing another one on top.

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Glad you figured it out