Submit button not resizing content view

I’ve noticed that when bringing up the keyboard via text input, and clicking a <button ng-click="submitStuff"/>, the keyboard on mobile safari (ios) drops but the content view never resizes like it does if you were to click the “done” button on the popup keyboard. Here’s a screenshot:

I’ve tried $ionicScrollDelegate.resize(); for kicks but that doesn’t seem to be the right resize mechanism. Workarounds would be great but I also wanted to bring this issue to light if it hasn’t been already.


Right now, there is a lot of work being done on keyboard problems.

I just added your sample to

For my app, I’ve been using a VERY ugly hack to prevent this. Somewhat ashamed of it…

$scope.submitFinalForm = function() {

        $scope.showSubmitButton = false;

        document.activeElement.blur(); // Forces the keyboard to close

        // Try to give the keyboard time to close before the view changes in any way.
        $timeout( function() {

            // Submit the actual form to the API here

        }, 230);


Hey Tommy :slight_smile: what happens if you remove position: fixed from the body? We are planning on removing it with the upcoming keyboard + tap fixes.

If that does nothing, try adding the height=device-height meta tag.

Setting position:static on the body did fix it, thanks Tim!

I am having the similar problem … I am working on 1.0.0-beta.3.
After the keyboard is hidden using hardware back button. Content is not scrolled down to its original position and footer is hidden.
this is similar to

I am having a similar problem but i couldn’t solve it setting position:static on the body. The content resizes when the input loses the focus but not when i click on any button. Is there a way to force the content to resize?