Using CameraPreview plugin with RC0

I’m looking to create a pokemon go style interface and had the CameraPreview plugin working with the ionic2 beta. After updating to rc 0 it isnt working like it was. I am still able to use the takePicture() function, but my issues are with startCamera() or sass. The code I’m currently using:
declare var cordova:any;
let tapEnabled = false;
let dragEnabled = false;
let toBack = true;
let rect = {
x : 0,
y : 0,
width : this.platform.width(),
height: this.platform.height()
cordova.plugins.camerapreview.startCamera(rect, “rear”, tapEnabled, dragEnabled,toBack);

and in the .scss

html, body, ion-content, ion-page, .nav-decor{
    background-color: transparent !important;

have also tried wrapping that statment in: my-component{} and tried
my-component{background:transparent !important}

Any ideas how to get this working? I’m testing on Android