Ionic 2 CameraPreview cordova plugin not in ionic-native


When I’m trying ti import the plugin like this:
import {CameraPreview} from 'ionic-native';
I’m getting … has not exported member ‘CameraPreview’.
How can I use this plugin:
or any other Cordova plugin that isn’t supported in ionic?


make sure your package.json is using version 1.3.9 of ionic-native. if not just edit it and do npm install again


The problem was ionic-native update but even after the update
Error TS2339: Property 'setOnPictureTakenHandler' does not exist on type 'CameraPreview'


see logged issue here…


Do you have any experience using ionic v1 camera preview?


No I don’t. Sorry about that…


Hello Loved your video on camera plugin. DO you have any experience with the ionic version 1 camera preview.