Using Android platform Icons on ios platform

I am creating some icon buttons and one of them uses the help icon (question mark). This code works fine, except it renders a very lightweight question mark on ios, which is what I believe it is supposed to do. However, in my layout - this looks quite odd, whereas the android version looks great.

     <ion-icon name="help"></ion-icon>

Is it possible to force the ios app to render the android version? Otherwise, I suppose I will have to use an image, which will mess up my lovely clean code! I tried <ion-icon name="help" ios="help"></ion-icon>, but nothing rendered on ios…

You should be able to do this:

<ion-icon name="md-help"></ion-icon>

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config: {
  iconMode: 'md',
<ion-icon name='ios-html5'></ion-icon>

This doesn´t work