Using a specific version of webview

Hi all,

I have a web application that is run through a capacitor webview .
Everything works fine.
By default system webview is used.
Except that each time the webview version is changed on the smartphone, there can be regressions.
I want to know if it is possible to use a specific version of webview with capacitor ?


See a recent discussion about this over here - Embedding Chrome to Android app

The minimum webview version that Capacitor 3 supports is

  • Android Chrome 60
  • iOS Safari 12.0

You can use websites like and build tools babel or tsc, to target those specific minimum versions. Either way, as I mentioned in the other post, Chrome 60 and iOS 12 are more modern than you might think. You can write pretty modern Javascript without needing a tool to bundle it a certain way.

If you really wanted to force users onto the latest webview you could write a Capacitor plugin to check their WebView version and if it’s below a certain version, link them to the Play Store and have them update it. I don’t think this is a great UX and I would not recommend it, but it is possible