Using a Navigation with the 'back' transition breaks ion-page


I have just launched the Tab project using the very last version of Ionic-cli (6.8.0). I am using iOs (10.15.4), cordova-ios (5.1.1), ios-deploy (1.10.0) and xCode (11.4.1) which are the latest versions.
I’ve added in the first Tab the following code:

this.navCtrl.navigateForward('tab2', {animated: true, animationDirection: 'back'})

Once the navigation happens, if I try to do:


I indeed go back to the first Tab, however nothing is displayed. When looking at the HTML, I found:

<app-tabs class="ion-page" style="z-index: 99; display: none;"><ion-tabs>...</ion-tabs></app-tabs>

It seems that it doesn’t remove the display: none on the ion-page.

It doesn’t occur if I disable the animations.
Any idea how to fix this ?