Ionic: How to disable Animation between page

Hi, I want disable the right to left animation on ios

When I do navController.push(MyPage)


@ViewChild(Nav) nav: Nav;

Any Idea ?

There is a pageTransition config item, but the docs do not list the options.


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Thx, but I have already try to use this parameters.

And It’s not working.

im using this method and working super fine
this.navCtrl.push(RequestResultPage, { Query: keyword }, { animate: false });

if you can provide some code to show how is not working mean it would be helpful

My code for my side menu



i think setRoot have no animation by default? what are you trying to do?

it’s my global left side navigation menu.

And when I click on one of menu item to navigate I have a left to right slide animation on ios and bottom to top on andorid.

your left menu is a side menu that slide out when you press menu button on header? by default there should be no animation when you navigate by setRoot…

Yes you are right ! It’s working for my menu but sometimes I do :

this.navCtrl.pop().then(() =>
this.navCtrl.push(, {}, {animate: false});

in this case it’s not working.

because .pop is also playing animation? try using this.navCtrl.pop({animate:false}) ?
and i think you dont need the then statement…

Awsome !! It’s working fine ! :wink:


glad im able to help…

My question is not identical but very close to the topic of this posting.

How can i disable animation on page navigation in general or at least for the automatically added back navigation triggert by the arrow in the header?
I know how to disable it if i push a new page, but for the back arrow i have not found a solution.

Sadly page animations are causing major visual problems on the windows platform, so i want to get rid of them for now.


@A1development try to use this code:

import { Navbar } from 'ionic-angular';

export class myClass {
    @ViewChild(Navbar) navBar: Navbar;

    ionViewDidLoad() {

    //Override the default back btn action
       this.navBar.backButtonClick = () => {

@A1development, you can disable animations for the full app in app.module.ts, in the imports section:

 imports: [
        IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {
            animate: false // disable animation

But what if I need to remove only page transition animation. I want animation on side menu and all other things