User registration using Google OAuth?

TL;DR: I want users to register on my system. I created a form for the same and they can login by providing the credentials. Now I want to add an option to provide sign-up and sign-in using Google+.

I have a web application where there’s a user db, in MySQL and there’s PHP for handling the server side functions.
Now I am creating an app in Ionic for the same system and all the data is common.
I successfully implemented signup and signin using AngularJS and PHP+MySQL by creating forms.
And the next thing I want to do is allow users to register to my system, just by clicking a single button Sign-up using Google+. That should send user’s details to my server.
Once done, the user should be able to access their account using Google+ account’s OAuth from his phone, or sign in from my desktop website.
I was checking out the APIs and plugins, but I am failing to understand if they would let me register users to my system. And if yes, then how?