oAuth2 authentication to Apigility Service


Hi there!

I’m new to Ionic and AngularJS and I’m still learning at the moment. I’ve already written a PHP Apigility REST API with oAuth2 support, but I’m wondering how I could accomplish the following with Ionic:

People will be able to register a user account in my app. The account information will be handled and stored by the REST API (Apigility). I want users to be able to sign up using Google and Facebook as well.

Finally users need to be able to sign in using the app, either using a login form or again logging in with Google or Facebook.

For the basic login (username/password) it should be a matter of using the oAuth password grant type and sending a bearer token on successful authentication.

I’m not sure how to integrate with Google and Facebook login though.

Any ideas or examples/tutorials of similar scenarios? Googling didn’t give me a whole lot to go by.

Thanks in advance.