Use published stencil component to the other stencil project

Hello Everyone,
I have published a stencil project which has several components to the npm. Now I want to use that components to the another stencil project. I am trying to use that in such manner:

import { Component, Prop } from '@stencil/core';
import Dropdown from 'dxp-core';  // trying to import exported class by published stencil project
import Checkbox from 'dxp-core';

 tag: 'my-new-component',
 styleUrl: 'my-component.css',
 shadow: true
export class MyComponent {

 @Prop() first: string;
 @Prop() last: string;

 render() {
   return (

      <dxp-checkbox></dxp-checkbox>  //component's selector available in published npm project
      <dxp-dropdown></dxp-dropdown>//component's selector available in published npm project

This custom selectors aren’t working. Does anybody know how to perform such task ?