Best practice to inject a/several stencil component(s) in Angular project

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner in web component, our team would like to create a lib with some stencil components and integrate them in an Angular 9 project.
We tried the way with npm package, but we would like to know if it’s possible to use a script tag (like what is explained in the official doc for the output in a javascript project without framework) in the file “index.html” to import the lib and use the lib in each module of the Angular project? So we can avoid redeploying the whole Angular project in case that there’s only some changes in stencil components.
I tried to do it but it seems that the files with the types and the ‘component/loader’ in Stencil cannot be imported by only a script tag, so what’s the best practice to import a stencil lib for a angular project ?

Thanks !