Use of angular-hero with Ionic


I’ve been using Ionic for the past few weeks and it’s pretty great.

One thing i can’t seem to get working is some angular transitions.
I’d like to get the angular-hero transitions in particular.

Angular-hero uses ng-view but i don’t use it in my project, i use ion-nav-view and ion-view.
I don’t really know if that’s where the problem comes from.

Anyway if somebody has an idea or had the same problem, it would be very helpful.



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I’m posting again, i’d really like to create animations like gmail or other google apps (angular hero supposedly does that). I’d like to have some text in one screen move up or down in the next screen in an animation (ex: some text becomes the title of the next screen).

If someone has an idea how to do that with Ionic.


Did you solve this or tried any other solution? I am also looking into adding “hero animations” into my ionic project.

I bump this old post, becouse I really want to create a behavior like this.
I’m not be able to create with ion-nav-view the same behavior as described here:

How could the angularjs .animation() be used for ion-nav-view?.


Hi all,

Is there anyboby found a solution or another lib that can offer possibily to use “hero animation” in an ionic app ?

It would be really appreciated if he can share it !