Use Multiple Android Activities



I’m fairly new to ionic 4 and could use some help. I basically want to create multiple android activities and have each activity be a angular app.

Currently the whole app runs in one single MainActivity which calls the index.html file which bootstraps the application.

What i would like is to have more activities MainActivity1, MainActivity2, etc where they each have their own angular application, so they would have a file like main1.html which would contain the angular initialization tag like “” which would bootstrap a new angular app or a section of an angular app.

I’ve created multiple activities and am able to navigate different activities in java. The first problem i can use help with is that the extra index.html files like “main1.html”, main2.html do not get copied over to the www folder as the index option in the angular.json file allows only a single string value

“index”: “src/index.html”

Any help is appreciated.