Use of Multiple html template in Ionic Framework

I am new in Ionic. I was building an Ionic App just how I would do it in Web. So i build multiple HTML files. I just noticed, that the page loading from one to another HTML file is quite slow. I looked around and again noticed, that there are hardly any examples with multiple HTML files.

Is it possible to use multiple template store in one HTML file [People.html]. If it is possible, please tell me how to import HTML file [People.html] in application or define in ** angular-ui-router.**

Or am I totally wrong here?

Hope you can clarify my issue.

you could put multiple templates in one file like if you concat/minify your html in the index.html

look in any codepen of ionic

there is a special notation for “inline”-templates
look at the example here:

Thanks for your reply
But just now I elaborate my question in stackoverflow enter link description here