Use ion-col inside ion-card


I’m trying to create a card that’ll contain an image and a text. I would to have the image in a column on the left and the text on the left.
I think ion-col can help, but unfortunately, cannot find a way to do this. My basic code is as follows :

        <img src="assets/imgs/logo.png" />
            {{ ets.nom}}
            {{ ets.description}}

Does anybody have an idea of how ?


An example:


      <img src="{{ '../../assets/imgs/events/' + card.img }}"/>

      <div class="fab-container">
        <ion-fab bottom right edge>
          <button ion-fab mini color="light" (click)="goToEvent(card)">
            <ion-icon name="ios-open-outline"></ion-icon>

        <ion-row no-padding>

          <ion-col col-3 text-center>
            <p class="month">
              {{ card.month }}
            <p class="day">
              {{ }}
          <ion-col class="event-name">
            {{ }}
            <p class="event-location">
              {{ card.location }}





Thanks, @robinyo. I want something like in this picture
Hope it’ll clarify more my intentions.




Thank you. I’ve used div and CSS classes to solve it.