Problem with col (Solved)

This is my code

      <ion-list-header text-center text-uppercase *ngIf="numberofEvent != 0">Tasks</ion-list-header>
        <ion-col col-12 col-sm-6 col-lg-4 *ngFor="let event of eventSource">
          <ion-card id="{{event.Number}}" *ngIf="event.startTime.getTime() <= selectedDay.getTime() && event.endTime.getTime() >= selectedDay.getTime()">
              <button ion-button icon-only float-right vertical-align-top><ion-icon name="trash"></ion-icon></button>
              <h1 text-left class="card_title">{{event.title || "No tittle"}}</h1>
              <h1 text-left class="card_date">{{event.startTime | date : 'yyyy.MM.dd'}}</h1>
              <h1 text-left class="card_time">{{event.startTime | date : 'HH:mm'}}</h1>
            <!--<img src=""/>-->
            <img src="assets/imgs/{{event.type}}.jpg"/>
            <ion-card-content text-wrap>
              <h1 text-center padding-vertical="5px">{{event.description || "No description"}}</h1>
              <h1 text-left class="card_date">{{event.endTime | date : 'yyyy.MM.dd'}}</h1>
              <h1 text-left class="card_time">{{event.endTime | date : 'HH:mm'}}</h1>

i have selectedDay and after change this variable in Calendar need to hide elements for another date. But i have indents, how to remove them?

I know it’s a simple but i cant add *ngFor to row.

I add special array for currentDayEvents and after i change selectedDay i change this array, it work for me.