Use Infinite loadmore() + search

Hi all,
i like to ask izzit possible to add infinite item with search ?
i have done infinite load with json data but my search filter cannot read the last data that no yet to load.

sorry for my bad english


here is my codepen…
any solution or suggestion?
really need this function

You could use this approach:

All data is loaded, however, in ng-repeat only few are rendered. And you can put your search that will reach the data that is not visualized. That worked for me.

Hi, i tried your suggestion. This way for infinite scrolling works just fine for me, but when i try to search the results, it’s just only filtering the data displayed so far… Have you got a hint for me?

my html on list item:
ng-repeat="item initems | limitTo:numberOfItemsToDisplay | filter:search track by $index

my code:
$scope.numberOfItemsToDisplay = 3;
$scope.items = Item_list;
$scope.addItems = function() {
if ($scope.items.length > $scope.numberOfItemsToDisplay)
$scope.numberOfItemsToDisplay += 3;