Ionic2 infinite scroll with filtered items

I am using <ion-infinite-scroll> and scroll to number of pages and it’s working fine. However, when I filter the list, the list of items get narrowed down, then I cannot do the Inifinite Scroll anymore. I guess the issue is the <ion-infinite-scroll> remembers its position, so when the list get narrowed down, the position of the <ion-infinite-scroll> is still bigger than the high of the list, that’s why the <ion-infinite-scroll> is not triggered. Anyone has the same issue?

Would you be able to isolate this into a small codepen?

So Ionic2 Codepen games are now possible / easy, it seems - great news, thanks!

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Same issue here - any solution ?

Action 1) Initial list load - all good. Load few pages - all good (approx 30 items).
Action 2) Do filter of that list which will display less results then before filtering (approx 10 items). No more infinite scroll. Event isn’t fired at all.

I followed this document:

I’ve got exactly the same issue.

I’ve updated to beta 4 and it works as expected. For me this is resolved :wink:

True:joy: InfiniteScroll works fine now.