Use cordova plugin in Ionic3

How can i call a cordova plugin from Ionic3,
i use this code :

 this.platform.ready().then(() => {

      var cordovaCall =   (<any>window).CordovaCall;
        console.log("values of call",cordovaCall)
      //'Michele Verratti');


( the idea is from stackoverflow )
I install this plugin ( with command :

cordova plugin add cordova-call --save

but not work :frowning: Any idea ? Thanks
If i run with
ionic cordova run browser
it works but when run wiht ionic lab or with ionic serve doesn’t work…

The best way is to use an existing Native wrapper, or to write a Native wrapper if one does not yet exist. Which plugin are you using? Not many have browser platform support, so your command line command might be a bit of an illusion.

Thanks Arona, i use Cordova call, buttare in the post i write that when i use Ionic Cordova run browser It works, bit seem very strange ??

Is there some reason you can’t use CallNumber? It has Ionic Native support already.

Probabile for this case no, but with Cordova call you Can receive a call and with callnumber no… my first request in plugin is if it’s possibile to forwarding call ( on Android it’s possibles ) …

You could do something simiilar to this for Cordova Call.

Ok ,but another question is :
Why with ionc serve or ionic lab it doesn’t work but with command ionic cordova run browser work ? What are the differences ?

Hola buenas noche, quisiera saber si pudiste utilizar cordova call con ionic 3 se me han presento varios problemas.